University Emblem and Colors

The herald of the USL emblem blends the sword and the shield, symbolizing the virtue of fortitude. The sword thrusts forward toward individual and community development, the goals of education.

The lily, symbolizing the virtue of integrity, and the cross, representing the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, are wielded by the shield.

The colors: blue and white, are the colors of the Blessed Virgin Mary, signifying the love and life of a dedicated person close to Christ.

The corn and rice (stalks), prime products of Cagayan, depict USLs commitment to contribute to the development of the Cagayan Province and Cagayan Valley Region.

Thus, USL, a community of learners seeking to be leaders of human progress, provides not only an academic but also a Christian atmosphere where values are developed. This atmosphere makes learning a process of a building a human person dedicated towards the service of community, country and God – the embodiment of the USL motto: WISDOM BUILDS.

Royal Blue
RGB: 000 051 102
Hex: #003366
CYMK: 100 087 033 023
Pure White
RGB: 255 255 255
CYMK: 000 000 000 000