General Policies

The University of Saint Louis Elementary Department welcomes all pupils who meet the admission requirements:

  1. He/she passes the entrance examination.
  2. He/she can fully subscribe to the objectives, policies and Catholic orientation of the school.
  3. He/she is willing to participate in all school activities.
  4. He/she is of good moral character.

The Department reserves the right to refuse admission, readmission or enrollment of a pupil for such reasons as:

  1. Limited school facilities
  2. Applicant’s poor academic qualifications or performance
  3. Applicant’s lack of moral or behavioral fitness
  4. Applicant’s own orientation that may run contrary to the school’s Catholic orientation
  5. Applicant’s lack of ecumenical bond with the Catholic Church, and
  6. Other conditions as may be stated in the succeeding provisions of this handbook.

Only applicants who have complied with all the requirements shall be scheduled for interview and testing.

No interpretation of test scores in terms of description will be made.  The school shall have full rights to test results which shall be kept confidential but may be released to the pupil concerned, his/her parent or guardian.

Admission for Preschool shall be on a first come, first served basis.