Student Life

School Functions

School functions such as masses, recognition days, seminars, programs, and foundation and graders’ days are opportunities for pupils to feel that they belong to one school community. Pupils are expected to have regular attendance and active participation in school activities.


Co- curricular

  • English Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Science Club
  • Louisian Angel


  • Supreme Pupil Government
  • Knights of the Altar
  • Marian Liturgical Circle
  • Sports Club
  • Young Louisian Dance Troupe
  • Drum and Lyre
  • Peer Facilitators Association
  • Young Readers’ Club
  • Classroom Organizations
  • Youth for Environment


  • Recognition of all organizations is the authority of the University President. Recognition can be withdrawn for non-observance of the purpose of the organization of the school.
  • To qualify for the position of an officer, a pupil should not have a failing grade in the preceding school year nor have a contract for misbehavior in the preceding school year. (This applies even to those with appointive positions). In order to develop more leaders, no pupil shall hold more than one position as a major officer in more than one organization.
  • Pupils from Grades III-VI can be members of one (1) co-curricular club and one (1) extra-curricular club. Membership in a club is valid only for one year.

Student Activities

Worship – Liturgical Activities

Holy Masses             

  1. Daily Masses
  2. Anticipated Masses
  3. Mass of the Holy Spirit (June)
  4. Saint Aloysius Day Mass (June)
  5. Vocation Day Mass (September)
  6. Mission Day Mass (October)
  7. CICM Day Mass (November)
  8. Immaculate Conception Mass (December)
  9. Advent/Misa De Gallo Mass (December)
  10. Catholic Teachers’ Day Mass
  11. Foundation Day Mass (February)
  12. Graders’ Day Mass
  13. Parents’ Night Mass (March)
  14. Recognition and Graduation Day  Mass (March)


  1. Friendship Seminar
  2. Recollection/Retreats
  3. Seminars and trainings for members of Religious Organizations
  4. Academic-related seminars/trainings/contests


  1. World Mission Drive
  2. Alay Pasko/Christmas Drive
  3. Other class or organizational outreach activities