General Policies

The University of Saint Louis High School Department welcomes all students who can meet its admission requirements.

  1. He/She is an elementary school graduate.
  2. He/She passes the entrance examination and other academic requirements.
  3. He/She can fully subscribe to the objectives, policies and Catholic orientation of the school.
  4. He/She follows/respects the religious instructions and activities in the school.
  5. He/She is willing to participate/attend in all religious activities that are required of the students regardless of religious affiliation.
  6. He/She is willing to participate/attend in all school activities.
  7. He/She must be single and of corresponding age to his/her level (for Grade 7, not more than 15, for Grade 8, not more than 16, for 3rd year, not more than 17, for 4th year, not more than 18).
  8. He/She is of good moral behavior.

University of Saint Louis High School Department refuses admission, readmission or enrollment of a person for such reasons as:

  1. Limited facilities of the school,
  2. Applicant’s poor academic qualification or performance,
  3. Applicant’s lack of moral or behavioral fitness,
  4. Applicant’s involvement in any pre-marital or marital relationship,
  5. Applicant’s views and practices contrary to the Catholic orientation of the school, and
  6. Applicant’s lack of ecumenical bond with the Catholic Church.
  7. Applicant’s parents’ deliberate or advertent lack of cooperation and collaboration with the school.
  8. Applicant and with his/her parent must attend the Growth Session.

The school reserves the right at anytime to refuse admission of students under certain conditions stated above and stated in the succeeding provisions of this handbook.