Requirements for Admission


A.  Entrance Examination

Applicants must submit the following during the scheduled dates:

    1. Photocopy of Form 138 marked eligible for admission to High School with an average of 80% and above.
    2. Two (2) copies of most recent close-up 2 x 2 ID picture with white background and name tag, proper attire and proper hair cut (male).
    3. Must pay the testing Fee (non-refundable) at the Accounting Office.
    4. Clear photocopy of NSO.

B.  Enrollment

1.  Must have passed the entrance examination
2.  Must submit the following:

    • Confirmation of entrance exam
    • Original copy of Form 138
    • Certified true photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth from NSO
    • Copy of most recent close-up 2 x 2 ID picture with white background and name tag, proper attire and proper haircut (male)/proper hairstyle female)

3.  Children of USL employees are given priority for admission except if their test results are too low. However, failure to meet all academic requirements at the end of Grade 7 will mean non-readmission for the next school year.

NOTE:  Failure to enroll on the scheduled dates will mean the forfeiture of the slot.


  1. For Late Enrollees.  A late enrollee is a student who enrolls on the official opening of classes and such student shall pay a charge of P 200.00 at the accounting office.
  2. A student who discontinued his studies and who did not obtain honorable dismissal, or its equivalent or certificate of transfer, or transcript of records (Form 137-A) from the school shall be admitted if he meets the following  requirements:
    1. submission of original copy of report card (Form 138) for the preceding school year, marked eligible for admission to the curriculum year in which the student is supposed to enroll, duly signed by the Principal, not previously marked by any other institution.
    2. admission slip from the Perfect of Discipline.
    3. 1 copy of most recent close-up 2 x 2 ID picture
    4. notarized contract for contracted students


Only a transferee for Grade 8 will be accepted, provided he has fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. general average  must not be lower than 85% with no failures;
  2. subjects required are complete and passed as per DepED requirement
  3. has not attended more than one school prior to transfer to USL-HS
  4. has the normal age for the year level where student is seeking enrollment,
  5. passed the entrance exam for transferees
  6. parent or guardian has been interviewed by the Principal and has presented a letter stating the reasons for the transfer of the child.
  7. passed a certificate of good moral character

NOTE: Requirements for entrance exam and enrollment is the same with Grade 7 students except for the general average.