Scholarships and Grants

Entrance Scholarship

Elementary valedictorians or salutatorians are granted 100% and 50% tuitional scholarship respectively for one school year, provided the number of graduating pupils in their class was at least forty (40) and that they have passed the USL-HS entrance examination.

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships are granted to students with outstanding academic achievements and aptitudes based upon approved criteria.


  1. Full tuitional scholarship is awarded to the first honors for every curriculum year, one for the science curriculum and another for the enriched academic curriculum.
  2. Half tuitional scholarship is awarded to the second honors for every curriculum year, one for the science curriculum and another for the enriched academic curriculum.

Financial Assistance

a.   The Socialized Assistance Program (SAP) grant is a financial assistance awarded to poor but deserving students enrolled in the University. The assistance ranges from 30% to a maximum of 100% tuition fee except miscellaneous and student fees. 


The following are the rules and regulations of the SAP Committee. Violation of any of the provisions is subject for deliberation.

  1. To secure and fill out APPLICATION FORM and attach the needed requirements as well as forward a personal application letter addressed to the University President and to be submitted to the HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE CENTER.
  2. A SAP Grantee should meet the following qualifications:
    1. Satisfactory academic grades (general average of at least 80% without failing grade)
    2. Satisfactory conduct grade (average of at least 80%)
    3. A student who belongs to an indigent family (annual income is below Php100, 000.00);
  3. That a SAP scholar who stops schooling/from the scholarship program within the school year shall pay all his/her full tuition fee and miscellaneous fees of the said school year.
  4. This USL-SAP Scholarship grant is good for one school year so signing of MOA is done in an annual basis though renewable depending on status of compliance as stipulated above.
      1. Brothers and Sisters Tuition Discount:  Brothers and Sisters (of legal marriage) are each granted a 10% discount on tuition fee, excluding the miscellaneous fees.
      2. Children/Wards of USL Faculty and Personnel
        • Children/Wards of full-time faculty members and personnel with at least one full year of service in USL enjoy 50% discount in tuition fees only.
        • Children/Wards of full-time faculty and personnel who have rendered ten years of service enjoy a full discount on tuition fees and other miscellaneous fees.
        • Effective school year 1999-2000, Full-time, tenured single faculty members who have served USL for at least Ten (10) continuous years shall enjoy full scholarship privilege for one ward according to the following scheme:
            • 11th year of continuous service −one (1) ward scholar
            • 21st year of continuous service −another ward scholar
            • 31st year of continuous service −another ward scholar

        In case the faculty-guardian marries, he/she automatically loses the educational benefit of the ward.

      3. Scholarships For Athletes: Any athlete who qualify and participated in CAVRAA or PALARO will be given a 25 % and 50 % discount on tuition fees respectively. Graduating students who qualify for the discount shall be allowed to avail of the benefits by way of refund.

Note:  Application for scholarship or discount should be done every school year upon enrollment.  Said application should be submitted to the Accounting Office.