USL highlights Couture in promoting ecological art fashion

Charina D. Vargas

TUGUEGARAO CITY-- Couture, a French word signifying dressmaking and designing, was adapted in promoting ecological art fashion as observed in one of the highlighted events of the University of Saint Louis’ 51st Founding Anniversary last Feb. 13, 2016, Saturday evening at the school’s open stage.

The audience swarmed in their nested place, uproars began to be heard, everyone was eyeing the seven male models representing their respective departments. This year’s motif configures on natural elements: the air, earth, fire, metal, thunder, water, and ice.

Administered by the Supreme Student Council (SSC), the theme of each department’s costume was given through draw lots. It was a requisite among the contestants to wear indigenous, scrap or recyclable materials fashioned to best epitomize the element assigned to them. The criteria for judging were: Design/Concept: 35%, Visual Impact: 30%, Materials Used: 20%, and lastly, Detailedness: 15%.

Hence, let us know the lads behind their ecologically-inspired-costumes so with the materials they used.

Air mightily blows

The radiating color of yellow and orange with its circular craftsmanship embedded with meticulous designs enhanced with glitters, had blown away the spectators with the aesthetic artistry crafted by the fourth year students of the School of Health and Allied Sciences (SHAS). The angelic student carrying his armor and wearing his sizable costume is Frank Lester Quizzagan, BS Medical Technology, first-year, who landed as the seventh placer. The materials used were cartolina, illustration boards, old boxes, and some other adornments.

Earth leaves with wonder

Our mother Earth would have smiled gleefully at the prolific combination of materials produced by the High School Department who are streetwise with our planet. Taunting a mesmerizing inventiveness, Joseph Graham Long, from the class of VII-St. Peter (HS), is the student behind the mask, carrying his wings trimmed with giant leaves and adorned with his peacock-like tiara. He was adjudged as the sixth placer.

Fire burning, the dragon ablaze

If this is an eagle-like dragon borrowing Fernando Poe Jr.’s Ang Panday (The Blacksmith), thankfully the audience wasn’t scorched with his warmth. He is blazing with fiery, and the tapestry of his frock is laborious. The School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS) and the audience could have had their hearts melting away with Vince Joshua Darisan, AB Legal Management student, first year as he carries his wings. According to Mr. Arjo Danao, SEAS Environmental Coordinator, they used recycled magazines, flour sack, plastic bottles, plastic spoons, bottle caps, and a used farmer’s hat. Mr. Darisan spotted the fifth rank.

Metal protecting the centaur

Centaur is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and a lower body of a horse. If Tuguegarao City’s kalesa (horse carriage) will turn out like this, women will die hard every day especially if the “centaur-driver” is a heartthrob. Julius Oktubre, a BS Accountancy-4 student, is the promising centaur of the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA). Mr. Oktubre’s body covered with metal designs conveys strength, and one wonders how the wings will work in case he hypothetically flies. Truly, SBAA brims with surprises! Mr. Oktubre was hailed as the fourth placer.

Thunder delights

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning, and the School of Hospitality and Vocational Education (SHVED) perfectly caused the sparks in the audience eyes. Wearing zigzagged wings made up of recycled karton (cardboard), a large crown and a mask supplemented with hard broom sticks, all together with patterns of thunder colored with gray palette and sparkled with golden glitters. The guy who confidently exhibited his costume is also the person who arduously created it. What a knack! Indeed! He is no other than Mr. Joseph Anthony Villanueva, 19, BS Hospitality and Tourism Management-3, who ranked as third during the awarding ceremony.

Water flourishes

The School of Information and Computing Sciences (SICS) flourishes their Couture representative like a tsunami wave as he tossed awe in the crowd. He is a shokoy (merman) armed with his big anchor who paraded along his enormous wings made up of hardened katcha (flour cloth). This aquatic creature nonetheless needs to go back to the ocean bed, for he is alarming the guys around! But surely, Jeslie Batiles (BSIT-3) did not miss to notch the second place in the name of SICS!

Ice melts, but grips first place

No wonder the School of Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design (SEAID) is a powerhouse of artists. This cold-blooded entity is causing the glaciers to envy the attention given. The prudent and skillful making of the costume is flawless. The color flaunts with delicate touch and the overall appearance is truly breezy. The designing committee behind the craft is the Bucranium Class Architecture (comprised of the third year BS Architecture students) spearheaded by Mr. Jaylord Agdamag, who spent rigorous nights to come up with their design. The materials used were plastic bottles, peanut sacks, illustration boards, bottle caps, broken glass, fishnet, pillow fiber, wire mesh, and tissue papers. Their model, Carlo Seguirre, who was dubbed as the “Ice King,” is a third year BS Architecture student.

All the male models’ costumes embody a rigorous work making imaginations possible. USL rightly carries out its values along with the goals of promoting ecological art fashion and cultivating creativity, artistry and excellence.

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