5th CICM Schools Friendship Meet Soccer Elims kick off;
SMU, SLU record first win

by Cristine Joy Castro

The starting games favored Saint Mary’s University (SMU) and Saint Louis University (SLU) as they outdid the University of Saint Louis (USL) and Saint Louis College-San Fernando, La Union (SLC-SFLU), respectively, during the 5th CICM Schools Friendship Meet Soccer Eliminations held at the Cagayan Sports Complex, Feb. 12, 2016.

The games commenced the Soccer Event on a round-robin basis of bracketing wherein SMU played against USL while SLU faced the SLC-SFLU team.

During the first game, SMU showed their distinctive play as they clashed with the USL team, making a way for a goal point and thus, leaving the score, 1-0.

Meanwhile, the second game raised the intensity of the opening of the event as SLU overpowered SLC-SFLU through their excellent play enhanced with their skilled ball-passing, letting their team soar to the score of 4-1.

Moreover, the two games marked the first wins of both the SMU and SLU teams, setting their good start on the score tally sheet.

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