SLU overlaps SMU in Soccer Finals, 3-0

by Cristine Joy Castro

The Cordilleran delegates resounded in victory as the Saint Louis University (SLU) soccer team crashed the Saint Mary’s University (SMU) in the 5th CICM Schools Friendship Meet Soccer Tournament Finals held at the Cagayan Sports Complex, Feb. 14, 2016.

SLU’s determination to seize the crown was established as they unleashed their superb skills which supported their unchallenged starting play, letting them score through shots on the goal and take the lead during the first half, 2-0.

After the halftime, SMU tried to race SLU’s lead but only struggled as the latter showed them no chances and thus, struck SMU with their first-rate ball-passing and unparalleled techniques which made a way for them to score another goal, ending the game with the score 3-0.

Before the Championships Game, SLU overpowered Saint Louis College-San Fernando City, La Union (SLC-SFLU) in the second game during the eliminations wherein SLC-SFLU settled with a goal point, losing over SLU with the score 1-4.

SLU faced the University of Saint Louis (USL) during the third game wherein both teams struggled to make any goal, resulting to a draw match, and SMU in the fifth game, having an equal finish, 1-1.

Meanwhile, SMU went against USL in the first game, was able to earn a goal point, and marked their first win in the score slip, whereas in the fourth game, SLC-SFLU was conquered by SMU with a finishing score of 0-2.

During the sixth game, with their desperate aim to land on third place, USL stunned SLC-SFLU through their will to have a remarkable finish, leaving the score, 3-1, therefore, SLC-SFLU settling on fourth place.

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