SMU, SLC-SFLU top HS sports events

by Cristine Joy Castro

Saint Mary's University (SMU) and Saint Louis College-City of San Fernando, La Union (SLC-SFLU) finished the Sports Events High School Level with equaled shots of victory as they outdid their opponents during the 5th CICM Schools Friendship Meet, Feb. 12-14, 2016.

SMU ruled in badminton (men's, women's and mixed doubles divisions), chess (men's division) board 2, chess (women's division) board 1, and game of the generals (women's division).

SLC-SFLU, on the other hand, conquered the sepak, chess (men's division) board 1, scrabble (men's and women's divisions), game of the generals (men's division), and word factory (men's division).

Meanwhile, Saint Louis University (SLU) bagged first place in table tennis (women's division) and chess (women's division) board 2; and University of Saint Louis (USL) clutched the crown in the table tennis (men's division) and word factory (women's division).

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