SLU reigns in college lawn tennis tourney

by Cristine Joy Castro

Resounding cheers of triumph filled the hearts of the Cordilleran delegates as the Saint Louis University (SLU) players' competent techniques crushed their opponents, reigning as champs in the the Lawn Tennis Tournament College Level, Feb. 12-14, 2016, during the 5th CICM Schools Friendship Meet.

SLU ruled in the women's division, grabbing the crowns in singles 1, singles 2, doubles, and team-event competition while almost finishing a sweep in the men's division, getting the top spots in the singles 2, doubles, and team-event; second place in singles 1.

Meanwhile, the University of Saint Louis (USL) was able to seize the crown in singles 1 and settled fourth in the singles 2, doubles, and team-event (men's division).

Saint Mary's University (SMU) earned the second place in the doubles-men's division, singles 1 and doubles-women's division; grasping the third and fourth places in the singles 2 and team-event (both in men's and women's divisions), and in singles 1-men's division, respectively.

Saint Louis College-City of San Fernando, La Union (SLC-SFLU) took hold of the second and third spots in the singles 2 and team-event-men's and women's divisions, and in singles 1 and doubles-men's and women's divisions, respectively.

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