Louisians use Student Portal; 3956 registered as of July 2013

With the dawn of an information and technology-driven age, services like the USL Student Portal are starting to become benchmark features in modern universities.

Launched in August 2012, the USL Student Portal eliminates the need for students to physically bring themselves to school in order to inquire on their grades; class and exam schedules; assessments; and open codes during enrolment periods.

After registering at the Center for Information and Communications Technology (CICT), students will gain the ability to check their grades, schedules, and assessments by synching their facebook, yahoo, or gmail accounts with the school’s official website.

Through the portal, college and graduate school students are able to view the status of their final grades the instant their instructors or professors submit them to the school. Schedules of exams are also immediately posted in the student portal, allowing students to plan their study sessions ahead of time.

Based on page hits, the student portal is most actively used by students during their examination periods to check on exam schedules; end-of-semester periods for clearance, assessment, and the viewing of grades; and during the enrolment period to check on the availability of codes.

“By allowing students to view a copy of their grades online, the portal saves the school printing and paper costs, at the same time benefitting the environment by using lesser resources,” said senior programmer Jayson Magarro.