USL co-organizes int’l research forum on informal economy

The University of Saint Louis co-organized an international research forum held at Vietnam University of Commerce in Hanoi, Vietnam last Nov. 15-18, 2015.

Vietnam University of Commerce, a partner institution of USL, was the main organizer of the conference.

Bannering the theme “Informal Economy Practice and Emerging Issues in Economies,” the conference brought together several school representatives from Canada, China, France, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Vice-President for Academics, Dr. Emmanuel James P. Pattaguan, led to the said conference the other USL delegates, namely: Mrs. Luisa B. Aquino (Dean of the School of Information and Computing Sciences and concurrent Acting Director of the University Research Center), Dr. Farida F. Tallud (Human Resource Management Officer), and Mrs. Karen A. Catacutan (Research Coordinator of the School of Business Administration and Accountancy and Member of the University Research Pool).

Four USL papers were accepted as part of the conference proceedings: Exploring the Socio-Economic Life of Sidewalk Vendors by Darin John C. Tindowen, MA and Luisa B. Aquino, MIT; Informal Economy: A Closer Look at Its Contribution to Urban Gross Income by Karen A. Catacutan, MBA; Drawn by the Horse, Drawn to Life: The Kalesa of the Philippines as an Informal Economy by Emmanuel James P. Pattaguan, Ph.D. and Karen A. Catacutan; and Street Vending: Survival Strategy of Unemployed Households by Farida F. Tallud, DBM.

Left to right: Mrs. Catacutan, Dr. Tallud, Mrs. Aquino, and Dr. Pattaguan