Center for Information and Communications Technology

About the Center for ICT

The Center for Information and Communications Technology (Center for ICT) ensures that the faculty, students and staffs have the Information and Communications Technology tools and infrastructure in the University.

The Center provides the infrastructure that enables members of the Louisian family to make maximum use of the appropriate information technology tools in their learning, teaching, research, outreach, administration, and support activities, and the cost-effective information technology resources required to support continuous improvement in the university’s ability to fulfill its diverse mission.

CICT Mission and Goals

The mission of the CICT is to enable the effective use of information technology in support of the University’s Mission. In pursuit of this mission, the CICT goals are to:

  • Deliver information technology products and services that meet the needs of the University community and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction;
  • Support the use and development of information technology to enable innovation in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship;
  • Provide leadership in planning for the effective use of technology;
  • Provide a robust, reliable, and secure information technology infrastructure;
  • Attract, develop, and retain quality information technology professionals;
  • Enable communication and collaboration among information technology professionals and users of information technology at the University.