Unlad-Dunong Center


The Unlad-Dunong Center as the research and development arm of the University envisions to become a premier research center in the region committed to the development of a vibrant research culture for the improvement of quality of life.


The Unlad-Dunong Center as a premier research center in the region is committed to the enhancement of a research culture and in the discovery, generation and advancement of knowledge and shall pursue the following objectives:

  • Foster favorable research climate through continuous capacity building.
  • Conduct relevant multi-disciplinary researches for the general welfare of the people.
  • Forge functional linkages with other agencies for the development of research priorities, resource sharing and research capability building.
  • Provide an avenue for the dissemination of research outputs of the faculty and students to potential users through the local and international publications.
  • Promote the utilization of research findings to stakeholders.
  • Improve the quality of instruction and extension services for the holistic transformation of the people and the community.

Strategic Direction

The Unlad-Dunong Center of the University shall embrace a shift from a curiosity-driven research to an interest-driven research, from inter-organizational partnership to national & international linkages, from disciplinary researches to multi-disciplinary researches, from locally published journals to peer reviewed journals, and from knowledge dependent to knowledge producer.

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