Admission Policy

General Policy

USL welcomes all students who can meet its admission requirements. Applicants who seek admission must fully subscribe to the objectives, policies and the Christian Spirit of the school. Their good standing, personal behavior and philosophy of life should warrant their observance of the standing regulations. Applicants must meet academic requirements and regulations stated in the Student Handbook. USL validly refuses an applicant for admission for such reasons as limited college facilities, unsatisfactory academic performance, lack of physical or moral fitness, violation of school rules and regulations, or similar grounds.

High school graduates who wish to enrol in any degree course in USL should pass the college entrance examination given by the school. USL reserves the right to prescribe its own entrance examinations and requirements.

Repeated failing marks, incomplete grades, dropping of subjects, violation of the moral or ethical standards of the school, suspension for a valid cause, shall be reason for non re-admission. Students who failed in 70% or more of their units during the last term will no longer be re-admitted.

However, if the said student is graduating, he/she shall be required to sign a contract which shall also be signed by his/her parent/guardian. Further said contract shall include the following conditions:

  1. That the grade of the said student shall be closely monitored by the Academic Dean every grading period.
  2. That conferences with the parent/guardian of the said student be conducted to update them of their son’s/daughter’s academic standing.
  3. That repeated violations of academic policy shall be a ground for non-readmission.

The College does not admit a student who is involved as a party in any pending civil, criminal and administrative case unless he shall present upon enrolment a police clearance, municipal court clearance, Court of First Instance clearance and Provincial Fiscal clearance. The College does not admit any student who is convicted in any criminal case even during pendency of an appeal.

A student who has a case pending with the Committee on Discipline of the school cannot be re-admitted for the next term or summer, until the case has been decided.

Prospective students can obtain all information concerning all school policies, rules and regulations regarding academic duties, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and discipline from the Student Handbook or from the Heads of Offices concern. Information on tuition and other fees are found in the General Announcement.

A student is officially enrolled after he has submitted his form 138-A or other similar transfer credentials, has made an initial payment of his school fees and has submitted to the teacher concerned his/her filled up classcard.

The minimum residence requirement for graduation is one academic year with a regular load of at least 15 units per semester. Special cases will be referred to the CHED through the Regional Office.

USL does not accept special students at any time during a school term for audit purposes without earning credits.