Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarship and financial grants (service grants, discounts) are privileges granted by USL. They are not rights to be claimed.

The school adheres to the policy of extending available scholarships to the greatest number of deserving students, and not to accumulate different grants on one person. Scholarship grants, whether extended by this college or solicited from outside agencies, are not cumulative. A student can be a recipient of only one scholarship/grant available in the college during the term.

It is the responsibility of the student to respect always the intention of the donors of the scholarship/grant.

Entrance Scholarships

Entrance scholarships are granted to high school valedictorians and salutatorians during their first semester of study in the college. Such scholarships are good for one semester only.

  • Valedictorian-100% tuitional discount
  • Salutatorian-75% tuitional discount
  • First – Third Honorable Mention-50% tuitional discount
  • Fourth – Eight Honorable Mention
    • 30% tuitional discount
    • upon presentation of certificate from Principal, report card and graduation program- if graduating among a group at least 50 students

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are granted to students who are outstanding in academic achievements and aptitudes. The selection of the recipients is based on the criteria set forth by the Committee on Scholarships and approved by the Administration.

Qualified students are those who are non-holders of another scholarship grant, carrying a load of at least 18 academic units and had not dropped any subject during the previous semester, had no failing grade in non-academic subjects and commendable for class attendance, participation, general conduct, leadership and social acceptability.

  • A full-tuitional scholarship is granted to a qualified student who during the previous semester obtained an academic weighted average of at least 92% with no grade lower than 85%
  • A half tuitional scholarship is granted to a qualified student who, during the previous semester, obtained an academic weighted average of at least 90% with no grade lower than 85%

Special Scholarships

Special grants obtained from donors or from special funds may be available to students on the basis of specified criteria. These are usually given to deserving but needy students.

USLT-CICM Special Scholarship

This is intended for poor and deserving students.

USLT-CICM Education Scholaship

All High School graduates with a minimum average of 85% and who passes the USLT Placement Exams and the Scholarship Qualifying Test will get a Full Tuitional Discount if they enroll in the BSEd or BEEd Programs.

Government- and Privately-Sponsored Grants

The University of Saint Louis honors scholarships sponsored by the Government, which includes the following:

  • Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
  • National Integration Study Grant Program (NISGP)
  • Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program (SEGEAP)
  • State Scholarship Program (SSP)
  • Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)
  • Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP)
  • Study-Now-Pay-Later (SNPL) Program
  • Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) – School-Assisted Government Grant
  • P.D. 577 – Educational Privilege of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
  • Cagayan Technical Eduaction Scholarship Grant
  • Tuguegarao City Government Scholarship

Service Grants

Service grants are given to students who serve the University of Saint Louis as working students.


All discounts have to be applied for by the students at the Accounting Office upon registration. (After the registration period, applications will no longer be entertained).

Discounts apply only for the regular semesters, not for summer. Application must be renewed at the beginning of each semester.

No discount will be given to students with old, unpaid accounts. Students who fail to pay their account in full within the semester lose their discount privilege.

Discounts are not cumulative with other grants or discounts. In case the students could qualify for more than one grant or discount, the highest grant or discount shall apply.

  • Brother-sister Discounts.Brother and sister (of legal wedlock) who carry a full load (minimum of 18 units) are granted 10% discount on tuition fees provided they have passed all subjects of the preceding term. Repeated subjects are not discounted. Brothers and sisters not carrying a full load do not enjoy a discount.
  • Children of full time faculty members and employees with at least one year of service in USL enjoy 50% discount on tuition fees, provided they have passed all subjects during the preceding term; those of full time employees with at least three years of service enjoy full tuitional discount under the same condition; those of employees with at least ten years of full-time and unbroken service enjoy full discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees (except incidental fees like I.D.; test paper; SSC; organization fees) under the same condition. Furthermore, the beneficiaries should be full-time students with a minimum load of 18 units during the regular semester and 7 units during summer. Exception is made for students whose regular load is required of the course is less than eighteen (18) units and for graduating students who have completed all other requirements.