As of 2006 there are five college computer laboratories in the University, each equipped with fifty-one high-speed computers and television monitor. In addition, there are two separate troubleshooting and networking laboratories. The school ensures that each student gets to use one computer for the class period in all the student’s computer classes for the entire semester.

USLT has well-equipped engineering laboratories highlighted by state-of-the-art electronics and communications engineering and electrical engineering equipment, as well as a modern computer engineering laboratory. USLT has its own soil-testing laboratory, the only one of its kind in the region, as well as the most up-to-date surveying and civil engineering equipment. Furthermore, the University has dedicated an entire floor from the newly constructed George Hantson building for drawing and architecture classes.

Along Lecaros Extension right opposite the University’s main campus are the University’s Restaurant and Tjolle International Hotel which serve primarily as laboratories for the University’s Hotel and Restaurant Management students.

Located on the ground floor of the Pope John Paul II Building, which adjoins the hotel, is the Food and Beverage and Housekeeping Assessment Center. As an accredited assessment center, the facility is used to assess the skills and competencies of students in restaurant services and hotel housekeeping.

Moreover, Pope John Paul II Building is the home of the Nursing laboratories and the lecture rooms of the College of Health and Allied Sciences.

The facility is complete with the laboratories that would be seen in a hospital, such as an emergency room, labor room, delivery room, and operating room, among others. The lecture rooms are also one of the most up-to-date in the University.